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About MySparsh

"Sparsh" refers to the "touch" by a person. Our "Sparsh" gives a chance for common people to "touch" the lives of extraordinary people. It is the "touch" by our heart that they require most and which we promise to deliver. This is an effort to pave a pathway of help from the realms of corporate to the differently-able individual.

"We know that equality of individual ability has never existed and never will, but we do insist that equality of opportunity still must be sought".

These are the words of Franklin D. Roosevelt which forms the essence of "Sparsh". We always strive to bridge the gap between those who "need" help and those who "want" to help. Let us be unite and work towards bringing these words to reality. Let us unite for a cause, let us bring a change in someone's life.






Real Indians



Our Projects

My Nation My Pride

It is an opportunity to connect Bharat and India in a spirit of positive energy.

Real Indian Movement

"By Ordinary for Ordinary for extra Ordinary Service"

Spreading Warmth

A Collection and Distribution Drive of Winter Wear & Blankets for the Poor and Needy.